The following list contain examples of different types of analysis and services, that we can provide.

  • Performance-comparison of implant systems.
  • Conical sealing connection analysis (gap and sealing pressure). Reduce the risk of bacteria entering into the implant due to leakage.
  • Analysis of bone-inserted implants – including simulated Resonance Frequency Analysis (RFA) with comparative Osstel ISQ evaluation.
  • Production tolerances (min/max) effect on performance.
  • Complete or partial mechanical designs / re-designs.
  • Identification and documentation of worst-case component configurations (prior to fatigue testing).
  • Handling of 3D scanned geometry and modification of CAD-models.

Results can be delivered in many forms. Technical reports, presentations, table overviews, high quality pictures and video for marketing purposes etc. We strive to work flexible and fast, so if you feel have any special requests that does not fit into the list above, please feel free to contact us.