ISO14801 Fatigue Simulation

Working with Dental Implant Design? Here’s how you can eliminate months of waiting in favor of a quick and agile R&D process.

The ISO14801 Fatigue test is key for getting your dental implant system to market. But the results also reveal the quality of your design choices.

However, as an inherent nature of fatigue testing, it cannot be substantially speeded up and it is not uncommon to wait months for the results.

So what does that mean for your R&D process?

One consequence, is that it takes a LONG time to complete a design revision cycle. Updates to designs are based on results from tests of earlier products, or take inspiration from other products on the market. But design details matter, and even small changes to your design can invalidate your fatigue test data.

The good news is that, with carefully selected techniques and precise models, it is possible to simulate the ISO14801 fatigue test. Get usable results and feedback to your R&D team in days, rather than months.

Maybe it’s also time to performance-benchmark those ‘out-of-the-box’ design ideas with the old tested-and-tried designs?

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